How to work with our paint

Welcome to Naturalis Paint. Thank you for considering our materials.

Our paint is a water-based paint that can be diluted with water.

For best results a BLACK or DARK background achieves the best results. Either working with a totally black canvas, or adding a color changing dimension to a dark area on a work of art gives the most striking results
The drying time is very similar to that of a water-based acrylic fluid paint. We will also provide gels and other mediums for sale, but this foundation fluid optimizes the color effects. Our chosen specialty polymers set completely clear like glass around the pigments and additives. That clarity and curing helps to optimize the special effects.

The color changing effects work by bouncing around light. A black background absorbs all frequencies of light (colors) and with several semi-transparent layers on the surface the light that is reflected back to the human eye is different.

Once the paint is dry, the addition of an epoxy resin protective layer can help to augment the colors and light effects. This is not necessary, and the paint alone has been used to great effect. It is simply a dimension to consider and our gallery grade resin has been especially formulated to highlight these effects due to its clarity, flow properties, yellowing resistance and film integrity

We very sincerely appreciate you considering our products, and we strive to constantly have something NEW in our product development pipeline for our amazingly creative customers.

Watch Our Demonstration Videos

The videos below share some exciting techniques, demonstrate unique materials and showcase beautiful art

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How do I mix the paint?

Using a dark background to draw in light and get the best effect

What’s an example artwork for the paint? “Changing Shapes”

Naturalis Paint used to add accents to an acrylic painting

What does the UV paint look like without a blacklight?

Naturalis Color Changing Paint as an accent “Eyes in the Dark”

How do I use the black canvas with the paint?

Naturalis Artists Paint ink blot test – what do you see?

How do I mix the paint?

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