At Naturalis Paint we combine world-class pigment specialties with the latest generation of formulation technologies. We provide the very best materials with unique properties. Our goal is to “Capture the Colors of Nature.” Nature’s own breathtaking hues and effects can now be recreated like never before. One such effect is the beautiful, color shifting phenomenon known as iridescence. Iridescence is a simply beautiful effect where, as the angle of view changes, the color seen also changes. The colors we see are a combination of absorption and reflection. As the wide range of colors and frequencies emitted from the sun hit a surface, that surface will typically absorb some frequencies and reflect others, and in an over simplification, that reflection is the “color” our eyes see. We have a portfolio of specialties that can change color up to 3-4 times as that angle of view changes. This can be seen in Nature with bubbles, insect wings, certain beetles, to name a few. Other exciting effects are possible such as a holographic like effect, and even clear specialties that behave and respond differently under different light sources, giving unseen accents to a piece