About Naturalis paint
Capturing The Colors Of Nature

NEW Exciting Artists Materials
Paint, Resin, Color Shifting Colorants, to NEW additives and effects

For the last few years, we have taken these colors, chemistries, light effects, and formulations to professional artists to literally – see what they make of it, and the results are quite breathtaking.

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science and art meet

Science Meets Art
Where the Beaker Meets the Brush

We combine our company heritage of specialty pigment manufacture and supply with our team of dedicated artists.  Our scientists and artists works collaboratively to deliver high quality materials with unique and show-stopping effects.

As a group, we not only produce color, but also manufacture dispersions and dispersion technology into various polymers, resins and mediums for applications from coatings to flooring. Combining the Dispersion scientists, with Colorists and Artists allows us to utilize the very latest technologies, environmental, quality and safety standards in the chosen liquid component of our paint. Low Odor, low VOC, stabilized materials all augment the vibrant color choices in a carrier system that is good to work with.